6 Excellent and Easy Ways to Ruin Your Project Before Launching

Are you a businessman ? Or a shopkeeper ? A blogger, Artist or a Lawyer ? No matter what we are in profession all we might need to have a website for personal or professional purpose. We all want our website to be gorgeous that make people say “WOW” at first glance. Also we want that to have all information about who we are, what we do, mission, vision, blog and many things depending on the purpose of it. To develop our website we hire developer, we also hire SEO consultant when needed.

BUT, during the development of our website, we make some cute and excellent (annoying though to the developer) things that might lead our websites to be ruined successfully. Let’s take a look what are those things.

Bargaining the cost excessively:

Yeah, the most common thing that we , as a buyer/client do. A good thing would cost a good price, this is universal truth. There is a certain risk for a product to fall down in quality if you compromise the price. Even, apple is now being shit to many people nowadays 😛

When a developer you are hiring, would highly expect to make you satisfied. So, trust him. He won’t make an overpriced estimation.

Not providing all the requirements at a whole

 You want your website. But in some cases, it happens that you don’t have the idea what should I have in my site, what features should be there. When you start consulting with a developer, you don’t make a study on your need. That’s why you become confused , so does the developer of course. As a result you ask him to start the project with some features that come in mind instantly and after few days you make modification on some features, add some feature, also remove some of them and this process continues over and over again.

So, when you start to consult with a developer, it is highly recommended to let you have some time on study , go through other websites of your discipline. See what features and data they are containing. Should you keep those as well or not etc.

Rely on the timeline set by the developer

Every quality product needs quality time to develop, believe it or not, it’s true. So, rely on the developer to set the timeline for the development. You can let him know how important and urgent your project is and the developer will set the best timeline considering all the cases but compelling him with your timeline can make the project with low quality or the developer to say you sorry to proceed with the development.

Changing the features and concept frequently

Yes, you might have the need to change the features and concept of you project when the project is under development. But that doesn’t you can do it frequently. The whole project development will be divided into different stage by the developer you hire. He/they will let you know the stages and what task will be done which stage and he/they will also let you know what modification you can do in which stage. For example , you are in need to develop a website which will have the following stages defined by the developer in development life cycle.

  1. Requirement analysis – Analyze and gather all the requirements from the client.
  2. Database design – Design the database.
  3. Design the site – The site UI/UX design.
  4. Core developing
  5. Testing and debuging
  6. Deploying the project.

All these stages will be followed one by one (Maybe simultaneously in some cases). Developer will let you know that you can modify you features and requirement when the development is in stage 1 “Requirement analaysis”,  but after completion of stage 1 and starting of stage 2, it will be tough to change the features again if you request him. Also you can change the UI/UX concept until the stage 3 “Design the site” is finished and stage 4 is started.

Interfering the design much

This is another issue. Studying something, we as a client ask our developer to make a website exactly to look like another specific website. If that is the case, what is there to develop ? Again, if developer makes the design like the one we asked him to design, we try to make some modification on that as well by our own thought.

Your developer, depending on the need would hire an UI/UX designer who is a professional in the design sector. He obviously might know better that us about the user experience and also the look and feel. We should trust on what he thinks about. What we can do is , we can share our thought as much as possible and after that he will suggest if it should be the way want, and if not, what the drawback may happen it is done that way.

Obviously you have the right to modify the design, but it should be in the corresponding stages that your developer will brief you about before starting the project. But, the modification will need suggestion for betterment which will be given by designer. You can follow those or not, but following is better.

Procrastinating during payment

When it comes to pay the bill, the project is already done. So you can think of how it will affect the quality of the project that is done already. Yes, this project is done , but it might not be end for you will the developer and this might not be final project to develop. Chance is , you may need to do any other project or integrating feature in the already developed project. So what will be the case ? Every profession has a community. If you are doctor, you will belong to doctor community, or engineering community if you are an engineer. Procrastinating during payment does not make a good relation with the developer. So, when you need in future, chanches are he won’t provide you the service with the quality upto the mark. Even if you don’t hire him, rather hire another one, and do the same thing with him as well, repeation of this thing can spread a negative concept about you in the community.

That’s all for now. Hope it will help you a lot next time to hire a developer and bring a project with quality 🙂

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