Woo Product Options : Let Your Customers Input Additional Info before Add Product to Cart

When creating a ecommerce site for you or you client, have you ever faced a fact that you needed to add some extra field in single product page so that customer will input additional data/info for that product before adding that to cart ? Yes, this is one the most common scenarios that one may need.

Woo Product Options is exactly for that. It lets you create Options of various field in a group with VISUAL BUILDER and attach that group to a product and this way you will have the group of extra options field in the frontend single product page.

There are numerous fields available , but most common fields are free. So, not to worry about that 🙂

Let’s take a look at what Woo Product Options has to provide

Unlimited Option Group

All the opitons are in a group and the option group is to attach with a product in admin panel so that, the option fields will be displayed in frontend product page. Customer will fill up those field to provide more pricise information and specification to order that product.

You can make option field required or optional

Setting the option field required , you can make sure that the customer is filling that field before adding the product to cart.

Numerous fields

Lots of fields are there in the form builder to create form for post. Almost 25 Fields ( 6 fields in free version ) currently are supported.

Drag and drop Option Group Builder. No coding required

coding , no worry, drag and drop form builder for you.

Visual Option Group Builder. You will see the output in realtime

Blazing fast admin panel

Page reloading is boring and time consuming, so is to us. That’s why we have kept focus on smooth and fastest user experience, and for this purpose, Woo Product Options
is made as non reloading app.

Schedule submission

You (admin) can set a time schedule in which the option group will be availabe to be filled up the customers.

Suitable to any theme


24 grids support

But that’s not all. Woo Product Option is also having pro version to let you unlock the advanced features.

Let’s see what other pro features are there for you

Pro Features

  • Premium support.
  • Automatic and regular update.
  •  Role based permission. You can define the roles that you want to have access for the form
  •  Multistep functionality.
  •  14 New and complex fields unlocked.
  •  Conditional fields. You can set field to be dependable on other fields when rendering.
  •  Advanced settings.
  •  And more…

You will get to know about Pro version from here


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