Shortocode Maker Pro released with special offers for you

The most common thing that happens in working in wordpress is , many complicated and boring stuffs take much time to build in site . Again there are cases when some things are needed to be done repeated.  Obviously annoying for users. On the other hand , the already built shotcode plugins that come with the built in shortcode do not provide exactly what you want.

There comes the need to make shortcode of your own, with attributes and content. And , Shortcode Maker is a perfect suit for you.

This is the main BUT NOT THE ONLY purpose that Shortcode Maker provides. It comes with lots of built in widgets and element to make your life easier. You can create table, tabs, accordion, page list, post list, post meta and what not . And obviously for this, you need to know  NO CODING 🙂 

But, here is not the end. Shortcode Maker comes with a pro version of it to break the limit.

With Shortcode Maker Pro you can

  • be the member of our official support forum. As soon as you purchase the Shortcode Maker Pro, you will be the member here where you will get pro support for your plugin.
  • have access to the elements and widgets that are not present in the basic version.
  • Pro version includes
    • Button group
    • Card
    • Card Group
    • Jumbotron
    • List Group
    • Carousel
    • And more…

Where Shortcode Maker Pro has to purchase from

So, here what you need to do. Just grab your copy from here :

We have great news for you with great offers

Offer 1 : 

We value our clients, and what they need. That’s why on its release day, you have the ability to purchase Shortcode Maker Pro in 25% off. Just use the coupon code “CelebrateReleaseShortcodeMaker2018”, and you are done. This offer will continue upto the end of the month of May, 2018.


Offer 2 :

Ah, there’s more to offer you. you can have more discount on your purchase this way.

  1. Share following link with the title “Purchase Shortcode Maker Pro with upto 50% off on its release” in facebook or twitter.
  2.  Send the shared post link as message in Shortcode Maker’s official facebook page :
  3. Within a short period of time you will get coupon code in the reply.

This way you will get more 25% off in your purchase. Which means, you can save upto 50% in your purchase, hurrah !


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