Don’t Miss the Black Friday Deal

Black friday is coming and many of you like others must be making a list of products that you are planning to make you own. Then, this is the time to add another one (or more maybe 😉 ) to add in you list. Guess why ?

Yes, CyberCraft team is announcing the biggest deal ever made by it for the black friday. All of our products are not at 50% off for you all. 

We value our customers like you and every one of you are not only a client to us, rather a relation. We are always very keen to build a new relation and make it ever lasting. Since, a relation deserves care, we care about you. And as a part of it, we are announcing this super excited deal for you.

It has been 6 years we have made our journey from. And we are willing to make it longer with you. So far, the products we have bring into life for you are,

  1. Shortcode Maker
  2. Woo Auction
  3. neoForms
  4. WP Front
  5. Woo Product Options
  6. Woo Voucher and Topup

And all of these you can make your own by 50% off. Incredible, right ? To have these, you have to do not so much, just apply this coupon when purchasing and all is okay.


Enjoy your experience with our cool and exciting product and make you project super smart.


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