Database Storage Engine : What is it and its types in MySQL

Hi, it’s long time I started writing about something. In fact , the busy life could not let me make the time for it. Now, when I got time, I was thinking what the topic I can cover. Thus found the topic and it is about database engine.

What is it ?

There are many types of database management systems out there. But every system needs a something that does the operations like creating, reading, updating and deleting that data from the system. Database engine is that component of software module that does these staffs.


There are different types of engines , all types are not supported in all db management systems. In this article I will discussed about the ones supported by MySQL database.


This engine is the default one set in MySQL 5.5 or later versions. It is ACID compliant engines. It supports transactions, row-level locking, crash recovery, multi-version concurrency control. It provides foreign key referential integrity.


This engine was default engine in the version prior to MySQL 5.5 . It does not support transactions. It provides table-level locking.


This storate engine creates tables in memory. It is the fastest engine, but it is non transactional. Data is deleted when the database is restarted.


It stores data in csv file. It plus point is that data in it can be integrate to any other application.


To manage large volume of data it is a good one. It is actually operates on underlying MyISAM table.


It is optimized engine for high speed insertion. It compress the data when it is inserted. It also does not support transactions.

Other than these, there are two more types of engines Federated and Blackholes storage engine.

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