Make Additional Links To Display Beside Deactivate/Edit Links In Plugin List Page In WordPress

Hello all ! How are all. Hope everything’s going fine. Today we will discuss about how to add more/additional links to the side of Deactivate | Edit links in plugin list page that we see after activating a plugin   Usually, after activating a plugin we find two links below the plugin name , one is for deactivate […]

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Make Description Field With WordPress Editor In Category Panel Instead Of Default Plain Textarea In WordPress

Among all of the features that wordpress has, taxonomy is an important one. Cause all the posts of different post types are categoried here with different taxonomies. ‘Category’ is a such one that comes in wordpress by default for the posts. You may find already that , as an admin you have the ability to create category providing its […]

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Lucky 7 Magic Methods You May Find Useful in everyday’s PHP Song

PHP Magic Methods

OOP is really a powerful and useful feature in php and magic methods can be said a name of miracle in OOP concept of php. Many of them are familier while some might not since, all of them are not useful in everyday’s coding. In this article i’ gonna put some lines for some magic methods used in common. But first of […]

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